Expand early intervention efforts and encourage expedient resolution of non-violent, property related and economic crimes in the lower courts.

Train, equip and trust ADAs to exercise the wisdom, discretion and judgement necessary to bring about effective outcomes.

Reduce prolonged periods between arrest and trial for cases involving serious, violent offenses and special victims.


Identify and address implicit bias practices in charging and plea bargaining.

Implementing quality control practices to ensure that there is parity between crime and punishment.

Eliminate selective prosecutorial practices to ensure that the prosecutors’ constitutional powers and discretion are exercised in fair, just and even-handed way.

Build community confidence by employing unbiased, non-partisan prosecution strategies and improving visibility, accountability and transparency.


Measure success by qualitative outcomes rather than conviction rates and other forms of ever changing statistical data.

Strengthen partnerships with judges, courthouse personnel and community stakeholders to develop comprehensive strategies for criminal investigation, case development and prosecution.

Encourage community based policing and prosecution strategies in a way that builds community trust, increases officer and citizen safety and makes investigations and prosecutions more effective overall.

Expand and improve accountability courts to facilitate treatment of mental illness, drug addiction and poverty rather than criminalization of same.

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The Qualifications to Lead and The Heart to Serve

Amongst several accomplishments, honors and accolades, public service is a theme that runs throughout Ms. Jones’ personal and professional life. Most notably, Ms. Jones has chaired the SALT Council, Chatham County’s senior and law enforcement task force group.  She is certified as a Specialist and Trainer for Georgia’s Department of Aging Servcies in the area of At-Risk Adult Crime Tactics.
After joining in 2015, Ms. Jones later served as President of the Board of Directors for the SAFE Shelter– which is Savannah’s only emergency shelter for women and children who have experienced domestic violence.
In 2018 and 2019, Ms. Jones in partnership with the City of Savannah and with the volunteer help of other local attorneys, residents and business owners, organized, directed and funded a summer enrichment program which offered STEM training, Cultural Awareness, life skills, coaching, counseling and many other informative and interactive sessions to children and youth in one of the City’s more socially and economically underserved communities. She expects the program to continue again this year.
In her personal time, Ms. Jones enjoys serving women and children through ministry and spending time with her family and friends in and around Savannah.

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